Crossing Cambodia

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

1. The surface. 1.1.2 Sidewalk surfacing

The issue of sidewalks in Cambodia is nearly non-existent. Simply because with the exception of inner Phnom Penh and main roads in and out of the city, there are no sidewalks! Just a shoulder of dirt, which functions as a sidewalk. And what are those functions. Well, for use of pedestrians does not seem to be so important, as you have seen in the previous blog on sidewalk issues. Sidewalks are used for parking, a temporary extension of business surface, business advertising, restaurant and more inspiring options.

The demand for iron products (gates, fences, porches) is ever increasing. Use the sidewalk. On street 63.

Where the sidewalks are unsurfaced, especially in built up areas, the goal of sidewalk business seems to extend the trade while leaving a sparse section of the road for traffic to pass.
Trading, parking, rubbish collection on the sidewalk. Pedestrian forced to take main road. Street 63

As mentioned, there are sealed sidewalks. Here, there is a clear distinction between sidewalk and road, though parking practices make this distinction a bit fuzzy. The sealed sidewalks are often sections of cement (changing between different proprietors) or cement tiles (in the richer suburbs), sometimes with a tree here or there to make the street look better. All this to stimulate pedestrians?
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