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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Law on Land Traffic; Chapter IV; Accidents




- All traffic accidents are under the competency of the traffic police.

- Every time when having traffic accidents, the traffic police must try their best to:

1. Keep the public order at the accident scene.

2. Take immediate action to save the victim.

3. Take the skillful action to collect the evidence and information to make the statement on the traffic accident.

4. Maintain security for all related parties.

5. Record all identities and addresses from all involved parties.

6. Settle the dispute caused from the traffic accident in accordance with the stipulated law.

- Drivers or road users who are involved in traffic accident have to carry out the following orders.


In case when having the traffic accident, the drivers, all road users involved in the accidents or by-standers must implement as the following:

1. Stop their own vehicles immediately by preventing any interruption or provoking any harm to the others.

2. To report immediately to the local authority or the traffic police.

3. Violence is strictly forbidden between the two related parties.

4. Leaving from the accident site is prohibited prior reaching the agreement or without the permission from the traffic police.


If the accident has only damaged to the materials, the two parties could settle with each other without asking the intervention from the traffic police.


In case people are getting injuries or killed, the drivers or other road users involved in the accident or the by-standers shall do as the following:

1. Must report immediately to the nearby local authorities or the traffic police.

2. Must prepare the information or refer the victims to the nearby hospital. Denials from the drivers of all types of vehicles to the referral request are not accepted if inappropriate reasons are raised.

3. To collaborate in ensuring the security to all related parties and to the process of the traffic movements around the accident site.

4. Avoid changing of the accident site or loss marks or tracks which is very useful leading to the finding of person responsible for the accident.

5. Keep waiting at the accident site until the arrival of the traffic police. The accident provokers are not allowed to leave the place before obtaining the permission from the traffic police.


If one of the accident parties is the official working in the Embassy or ambassador, the traffic police shall make the statement and report on this accident to be sent to Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in order to assign one of its representatives to collaborate with the traffic police to study and raise appropriate measure.[CC: some people are more equal]
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