Crossing Cambodia

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Traffic signs: one way, no entry

Street 63 from the central market to Sihanouk Boulevard is a one way street.This sign implies that vehicles should not drive into this street as it is a one way street.

Effective? In a 5 minute burst just before 10.00 am this morning, 1 car, 20 motorcycles, 1 cyclo and 2 bicycles drove up street 63 in the wrong direction. In considering these figures one must note that there are regularly traffic police standing on the crossroad with Sihanouk Boulevard (there's a big tree giving ample shade), so there is some caution with drivers to disregard this sign. At the same time there were roughly 25 cars and 175 motorcycles using street 63 in the correct direction, which also makes it physically difficult to drive in the wrong direction.

Conclusion, this traffic sign is regarded as a indication, not as a directive. Law enforcement?
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