Crossing Cambodia

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

What's happened the past week

Well what's been happening during the past week? From the Khmer Intelligence site:

2 Beaten, One Shot by VIP Bodyguards. Police has not invistigated the case yet as the victims are afraid to file a complaint

An article about three unfortunate persons who managed to collide with a 'not-to-be-messed-with' Mercedes driver. Justice coming?

Cambodia To Build Rail Link With Malaysian Tracks Soon

Second hand rails not deemed good enough for Malaysia gifted to Cambodia to a stretch where the rails have disappeared. Will this result in an improvement?

Record-high fuel prices defy oil's drop

A story that Crossing Cambodia will follow up in the coming week(s?). Basically prices can go up but not down.

M'sian firm Muhibbah commercial involvement in Cambodia

An in depth story into a Malaysian company that has teamed up with a French company to create a monopoly on airport services in Cambodia.

Ferry Director, Accused of Fraud, Denies Charges

And then an older story about a ferry director accused of using the services budget to line his / her own pocket.
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