Crossing Cambodia

Friday, July 07, 2006

From the press: Drunken drivers

From the Cambodian Daily, Wednesday, July 5, 2006:

2 Drunk Drivers Hit Same Stupa Fence Within 24 Hours
In two separate incidents, two cars driven by drunk drivers plowed in the iron fence surrounding the sacred stupa – which once housed relics of the Buddha- infront of the Phnom Penh railway station, police said Monday. A Toyota Camry smashed intoi the fence at 4 a Nissan Cefiro hit the same fence at 3 am Monday, Municipal Traffic Police Chief Tin Prasoer said. Both drivers were drunk and speeding on Monivong Boulevard when they swerved into the protective fence surrounding the stupa, Tin Prasoer said. Both cars were impounded at the traffic police compound; one driver has offered to pay some of the damage, while the second driver has not yet come forward, he said.’ They have to pay for rebuilding of the fence,’ he added. On Tuesday, a 15-meter section of the fence remained mangled and broken. (Van Roeun)
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