Crossing Cambodia

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Traffic Deaths Rising ?

'Traffic Deaths Rising'.
That's todays (25 January 2007) lead on (apparently) the monthly in-depth look at the statistics that the Belgian NGO Handicap collects and the Cambodian Daily dutifully reports to those willing to pay the few riel to buy the local and not-so local news.

In spite of the incorrect lead (let's hope they are referring to the statistics recording more traffic related deaths rather than the those dead rising ...) and the dry content there is some suggestion that despite the new traffic law in the pipeline the director of Land Transport of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport
'plans to offer a free course for drivers ... to learn about the new traffic law. Motorists must participate in the training course to obtain a license.'

Cost just $7. So not so free. He also mentioned that only 2,000 out of the 500,000 legally registered motorcycles are driven by licensed drivers. In percentages that's 0.4%! No mention is made how this will logisticallly be conducted. Let's just presume it's a proposal.
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