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Friday, June 01, 2007

Announcing Crossing Cambodia 2.0

Within in a few weeks, blogs on this site will discontinue. The original objective of the blog post allways was:
'an exploration of the various methods the Cambodian population uses to get to their destination'
Not an endless blog roll, commenting on all kinds of (internet) publications concerning traffic in Cambodia; something what it has become especially the last few months. Partially this is due to novelty rubbing off: after a certain time you get used to ignorance of common traffic conventions, common in them being part of traffic legislation all over the world. Partially because a year is perceived as sufficient to answer the above.

So have we got an answer? Well, that and more will be part of the all new site. What will return, is Crossing Cambodia 2.0, a site dedicated to giving an updated (and hopefully impartial) version of the relation between the Khmer, their culture and the way they move around. In this 2.0, Crossing Cambodia will draw on many insights gained from 1.0. Hopefully we can get some background articles on Cambodia's traffic situation. A section will deal with: how to deal with Khmer traffic culture. Links will be provided to previous postings as well as to other organizations, put some statistics in, maybe even references to other sites with good articles.

In all, it should be the number 1 site for getting advice on how to get around in Cambodia.
Besides looking forward to the new site, which Crossing Cambodia hopes to have up and going in September, another major event in Cambodia traffic relations, which looks set to change dramatically if the new traffic law is enforced, though we all doubt this ...
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