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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Nailed them!

Despite Cambodia's policeforce reputation for, amongst others sleeping on the job, Cambodia Daily (27 August 2007) reports on a henious crime: that of wontonly distributing nails on one of Phnom Pneh's busiest cross roads, with the sole intent of having a near-monopoly on the resulting puncture repair business. From KI Media, though they give dpa credit, but Crossing Cambodia is sure it's from the Cambodian Daily ....:
Enterprising tire repairmen sent to jail for trying to earn some extra cash
Phnom Penh - A pair of enterprising Cambodian tire repairmen were in jail Monday on charges that they spiced up business by lacing roads around their roadside repair stalls with nails. Chamcarmon district police in the capital of Phnom Penh said they detained Khy Pros, 21, and So Mom, 26, both of whom made a living from fixing flat tires on the roadside, on August 17 after a senior government official's car was stopped in its tracks by a suspicious quantity of nails on the road.

Upon a investigation, police allege Pros was found to be carrying half a kilogram of nails and Mom 3.5 kilograms of nails.

Both men were remanded in custody to face charges of vandalism and disrupting public order by Phnom Penh Municipal Court are now serving up to six months in Prey Sar jail awaiting trial, court officials said Monday.
If convicted, the hapless entrepreneurs face up to five years each in prison.

You see, five years! It makes you wonder how many years you would get if you were with the Khmer Rouge and found guilty. ...? Oh, that's right, you are still free. Oops, sorry.
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