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Monday, November 05, 2007

Chasing Cars, 6 November 2007

Missed Crossing Cambodia? Nah? Hmm, wondering wants happening to the site? Keep wondering, Crossing Cambodia has some long term plans ....

In the meantime, CC just came back from a week holidays. Cambodia was world news! For what? The local supremo's adopted daughter officially switches sexual preference, so as a good surrogate father you cut them from your will. Don't worry, even Dick Cheney (the Darth Vader?) has these kinds of problems.

Furthermore the North Korea PM paid his Cambodian cronies a visit, to bolster economic and cultural ties.

And finally the traffic news: DPA picked upon a recent trend to use animal noises as horns. Crossing Cambodia has not witnessed this himself, though once saw a foreigner on a motorcycle using his horn which resembled a policeman blowing his whistle. It didn't help much and anyway it's not allowed anymore (for fear of 're-education' [like the sound of that]). More tidbits:
  • Believe the new traffic law means every one can get a traffic license without paying all and sundry? Think again. The Phnom Penh Post apparently uncovers scams costing more than $100 to get a driver's license without sitting any exam.
  • See picture, Pol Pot's car is for sale.
  • Rainy season means thousands of trucks stuck on national highway 57
  • Getting stuck? The Bangkok - Siem Reap blog Updates Report on October 2007, mentions
    'mafia taxi's'.
    Apparently run by the maffia for the public good. One report:
    'The road to SR is still a mess but passable with care'.
    Another lady mentions:
    'Believe me after that 6 1/2 hrs taxi ride I was pretty upset, ...'.
  • Less stuck is this expose called Rush hour at Angkor: visiting the temples by push-bike. Conclusion:
    'I'm well and truly spent. One day of this type of exertion is plenty...'.
  • Getting unstuck and less exerting: Dancing Roads Dirtbike:
    'Brave yourself against seemingly impassable roads, ...'.
  • Getting stuck at the Lao-Cambodian border: Sun san's forum entry on Khmer 440 shows you the way north from Phnom Penh, literally on his flickr site.
Then finally a round up of all kind of miscellaneous announcements on infrastructure / government decisions:
  • Free skies coming your way?
    'It's open skies as 10 Southeast Asian nations agreed this to week to have free air access between their capital cities by December next year'.
    Pie in the sky.
  • Building bridges in times of elections.
  • And what all this can lead to? Vietnam News reports that the city Hue is unable to cope with just the Thai arrivals, what with a new bridge over the Mekong and a beauty of a road to Central North coast of Vietnam. On the 23rd of October more than 6,000 Thai visited Hue, however it only has 'nearly 6,000 rooms'.
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