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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Chasing Cars, March 25, 2008

Not much to mention, but here goes:
  • On Khmer 440 forum a discussion on an alternative highway code or more like an anti-highway code. Furthermore the advantages of having a motorbike over a car in Cambodian expat context.
  • A typical Cambodian accident in Sihanoukville on the sixteenth:
    'Two men, who drove their motorcycles in the contrast direction, died on Thursday on the national road 4, in Sihanoukville’s Preynob commune. One suspected that after the motorbikes crashed, a truck ran over and killed them, Preynob police said. The victim: Rem Loem, 26, died after sending to a hospital and He Tha, 30, died instantly at the scene. The truck went away after the accident, police added'.
  • Crossing Cambodia commented not so long ago briefly on an article about the number of official car dealers in country. Now a new kid on the block: Mitsubishi. To get free publicity on the occasion of the opening they gifted one of the most senior ministers not one, but two pickups! Worth $ 65,000.
    'As a souvenir'.
    But Mitsubishi added
    'they were not bribes or intended to buy influence'.
    As there is no corruption law giving these 'gifts' is allowed! Nguon Nhel, Cambodia's ruling party (CPP) first vice president:
    'The law states that giving and receiving bribes is illegal, but they were giving a souvenir openly in the public. It is not corruption'.
    The minister in question hung up his phone the Cambodia Daily (March 19, 2008) journalist.

Tuk-tuks awaiting business at Phnom Penh's International Airport: taxi's are in business and tuk-tuks not. All are not the common motor and chariot style but have been imported (at considerable expense?) from India.
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