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Friday, October 10, 2008

Up Next

Interesting or not? Just the other week the police were announcing their future crackdown plans (on helmets), today's (October 10, 2008) Phnom Penh Post mentions that as of next week, poor parking will be main target of the traffic police.

The article reveals that even the traffic police leaders, are apprehensive about the effectiveness of the measure:
'But Tin Prasoer, chief of Phnom Penh's traffic police said changing people's parking habits would be a difficult task. "We have had a ban on parking before. [not valid anymore?]
We need to re-educate drivers and ask them to pay the extra money it costs to police the area and bring their cars to the police station." '
A cryptic message at best. No other than the governor of Phnom Penh has mentioned that
'All cars that park on the sidewalk for no reason will be fined'.
As there are hardly any other places to park in Phnom Penh than on the sidewalk, potentially it means that car owners will have to leave their cars at home while shopping or employing a chauffeur to drive circles while the owner runs errands. But isn't parking a valid reason?

The article then goes on how street 284 will be made an example of. Funny enough, the article comes with a photo, which is not of street 284, but of street 274, otherwise known as Sihanouk Boulevard. Now that boulevard is infamous for poor parking, especially near the Lucky's supermarket, ANZ bank, the new night hot spot 'The Place' and the offices of the country's no. 1 mobile phone company / internet provider Mobitel. But near the Olympic market, as the article suggests, poor parking is less of a problem, complete chaos is a bigger threat.

Now why single out street 284? There are actually no parking problems on this street, see photo. Another misinformed article by PPP?

Street 284: just another Phnom Penh street. Where is the parking problem?
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