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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Chasing Cars, Cambodian Style, December 2 2008

Despite the previous post, one would be surprised to see the ongoing reporting is still ... ongoing.

Major items this time round are of course the total chaos in Bangkok, at least this is not to be seen in any of the other Southeast Asian countries. The question is it due to the relative lack of democracy or because of the lack real democratic freedom that this can happen?
  • Another hot traffic item has been the suspension of Siem Reap Airways by the Cambodian authorities; who said that they dare not take their responsibilities serious?
    'The government has slapped a temporary flight ban on domestic carrier Siem Reap Airways amid concerns over its safety standards'.
    Well, not completely true. It's the EU who pointed out the flaws and whom's report has lead to this belated action.
    But in the mean time the Cambodian authorities ignorance has consequences:
    'Ho Vandy, president of the Cambodia Association for Travel Agents, said the ban was bad for the image of Cambodian air service'.
    Luckily, there is hardly an image for the Cambodian air service, as there is beyond this airline none other!
  • Despite there not being a economic recession here, both motorbike sales as well as cars sales are plummeting.
    'Local motorbike dealers report slower sales as the falling property market and declines in foreign investment hit consumer spending at home'
    'Sales of Toyota vehicles, among the most popular in Cambodia, have plummeted almost 50 percent since May, according to Kong Nuon, president of Cambodia's only Toyota distributor TTHK Co Ltd.

    "The real estate recession is the main cause for the sales decline because people are not earning extra cash from land sales," he said Monday. "Demand for cars has declined a lot."'
    As the real estate boom was fueled by foreign (Korean) funding, the end is near: prices are declining and sales are not taking place. So Cambodian roads might just well be more peaceful ...
  • Road updates from Khmer 440 forum: Bokor mountain near Kampot:
    'Sunday night and we just got back from there. We tried a $100 "donation" and still couldn't get through. We were told (I think) that there are not even tours going up any more'.
    Sihanoukville, getting around:
    'Will I have problems in Snooky riding a bike hired in PP and carrying International Driving Permit? No problems riding in Snooky at the moment. Saved a fortune in motop fares - those guys are taking the piss'.
  • From blog-o-sphere: Firststopcambodia gives some great insights into the dealings with moto's:
    'This is pretty much exactly what he said while ignoring the red lights on Mao Tse-tung Blvd:
    “ I want to kill myself, because I don’t have a girlfriend, but I love you…"'.
    On corruption:
    'Is the lack of a receipt or a record enough to call something corruption?
    Granted, the money you give to the police officer won’t go to the state or be used for some public good but then again if you think about it as my motodop did it is the same as paying a fine'.
    On Hummers:
    'I’ve only seen black Hummers so maybe it is just this one jerk driving around all day making life miserable for half of Phnom Penh, if that is the case I wouldn’t mind bumping into him and give him a good verbal beating. But Isabelle tells me that is a bad idea unless you are keen on getting shot'.
    driving with your moto Khmer lady style:
    'I had a large group of tuk-tuk drivers and motodops laughing and pointing at me'.
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