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Friday, January 30, 2009

Chasing Cars, end of January 2009

We're 1 month into the new year and despite assurances that police will crack down on non-helmet clad motorcyclists, compliment rates hover around 80%, is that good or bad?
  • I might have forgotten, but sidewalks / pavements are in the forefront for a battle on Phnom Penh's riverfront. Business have been ordered to get rid of everything cluttering the pavements to make way for ..... Well, they mentioned pedestrians however from this forum it's Lexii (?) who are now taking up the space created.
  • While talking about arrogant brands of cars, research (under news) in the US has established that the car you drive determines the style you drive or is it the other way? Hummer owners are the worst (with the highest rate of traffic related violations), no news about Daewoo Tico's!
    '“The sense of power that Hummer drivers derive from their vehicle may be directly correlated with the number of violations they incur,” said Dr. Raj Bhat, president of Quality Planning. “Or perhaps Hummer drivers, by virtue of their driving position, are less likely to notice road hazards, signs, pedestrians, and other drivers.” '
    The funny thing is, yes Hummer drivers here are poor drivers, but will never clock up any traffic violations. Interesting?
  • Chinese New Year (and more importantly Tet) have come and gone. There are now less vehicles on the road, more helmets, so traffic related deaths have dropped. Wrong!
    'Pen Khun [deputy director of the Traffic Police] said the number of accidents - 14 in total - were markedly higher than those recorded during last year's celebrations, and were mostly a result of drunk driving'.
    According to
    PPP. Now what to do about drunk driving?
  • A Chinese New Years gift from the ... Chinese. No less than 220 motorcycles were donated to Hun Sen's body guard. He must feel insecure! Originally reported by but resent by Khmerisation and linked to KI Media.
  • As with everything that goes up, eventually it comes down. Airport traffic is this time the victim, down last year by 3%.
  • And what will Cambodia's new tourism 'president' do about it?
    'In order to increase the number of foreign tourists, we have to have a national carrier. I will continue to urge the government to establish a national airline. Tourists in the new millennium do not wish to spend months traveling by cruise ship, they don't have the time'.
    Does he really believe that tourists are nowadays arriving by cruise ship?
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