Crossing Cambodia

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Chasing cars in the rain

Photo opportunities for the press are far and few between in Cambodia. Mostly the Cambodian PM is pictured rambling on any old folklore tale (when will be the next time war will break out?) while standing in front of a gathering of tired looking officials who only turned up for the following free lunch. Seldom is he caught outside these plush venue's.

But a flood in the coastal town of Kampot provided the opportunity for some great photo's. The following photo shows a PM on moto ('Sir, sir! Yes?'). With wing mirrors and a helmet on. Just wonder whether or not he has his license on him ...
(Source: Reuters via KI Media).

Other than that not much to mention.
  • Moto taxes were to go down but aren't.
    'Prime Minister Hun Sen announced in June that he wanted officials in every province to collect all appropriate fees and taxes in accordance with the Land Traffic Law'.
    The key word is appropriate. What is appropriate?
    'Authorities have dropped fees from $250 to $100 and then to $60, depending on the type of motorbike'.
    The protestors are holding out for $0.
  • Khmer 440 forum has a debate on how much to pay moto's. Problem solved:
    'I always pay a dollar no matter how far or near. I don't know the place of your residence, but one dollars is my standard fare. I know others pay less but I have always paid one dollar a ride for the past 7 years'.
    At least he's clear.
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