Crossing Cambodia

Monday, October 22, 2007

Chasing Cars Cambodian style, 22-20-2007

  • Cargo plane on it's way from Phnom Penh to Singapore crashes after being hit by lightning. Manages to crash land in dark and escape mostly unscathed. Main problem in the aftermath is protecting the plane (and cargo) from being dismantled by the locals.
  • More accidents waiting to happen, but this time on rails. The state of Cambodian railroads is such that:
    'the RCC [= RRC, Royal Railroad of Cambodia] has two new Chinese carriages, but it doesn't want to use them because they're afraid they'll derail and be ruined, ... '.
    That's a quote from an ADB consultant who hopes some hapless soul will want to throw money at the railroad. Any potential investor needs 30-40 million plus whatever extra required to grease the wheels.'
  • And tallying the accidents that happened. The P'chum Ben holidays were not so bad apparently: 36 deaths, a couple of hundred wounded. A decline (in averages) in comparison to last year. Now how's that explained?
  • Advice from the Soria Moria:
    'Be aware that traffic accidents are not uncommon in the somewhat chaotic traffic of Cambodia, and car taxi is the safest way of moving around. As an alternative, a tuk-tuk is safer than riding with a mototaxi. For those who choose to rent a motorcycle and drive yourselves (not possible in Siem Reap), be forewarned about the traffic, and be cautious! Always use a helmet. As in any country accidents do happen, but there is no need to worry unnecessarily'.
  • A road from Angkor Wat to Prear Vihear? What about the roads to both?

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