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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Chasing Cars Cambodian Style, 5 October 2007

  • For those of you on the look-out, all tire deflating robbers have been busted! DPA via KI Media:
    ' ... the men have admitted to four robberies on well-heeled bank customers who had driven to their branches to withdraw cash, which had netted them a total of 97,500 dollars.

    When we asked them why they pulled so many robberies so quickly, they said they had only been able to obtain a five-day visa and they didn't want to overstay,' [Police lieutenant colonel] Ngy said'.
    Lucky they did not get a two weeks visum or a business visa!

  • Kampong Thom province are also adding up, Khmer News reports:
    '92 Die, 427 Injured in Kampong Thom in Nine Months'
    'They drive motorcycles too fast, drive with drunkenness, or drivers are not tolerant'.
  • In Koh Kong they are also waking to the deal with the new traffic law. A public meeting with the following message:
    'Ly Sareth, Koh Kong public work chief office said that the new traffic regulation consists of 12 chapters and 95 articles which has taken effect and started since 1 September. He added that 95% of offices has no driving license including taxi drivers'.
    Thanx to Khmer News

  • More on the thieves: the AK-47 bandits. The ringleader of this notorious gang has been arrested, his accomplices are still on the run. With their guns they rob motorcyclists of their motor's. What for?
    'After the sale of their loot, they would party, drink, and have pleasure with women, until they depleted their income before restarting the robbery cycle again'.
    Did I mention that the weapons have also not been recovered?

  • In Vietnam a law on wearing helmets is set to be enforced from the 15th of December.
    'Vietnam has one of the world's highest traffic fatality rates, with nearly 13,000 deaths recorded last year alone - the majority involving the ubiquitous motorbike. Few people bother with helmets, saying they are hot, bulky and unfashionable. But as of Dec. 15, everyone will be required to don the so-called 'rice cookers' as the government enforces a new law intended to save lives.'

    The article is much publicized originating from AP. Fines will amount to roughly a dollar.
    'Helmets must also be certified with a stamp verifying they meet Vietnam's safety standard'.

    An eye-opener for the Khmer law enforcers?

  • The cost of enforcing? 57,000 riels or a little more than 14 dollars US.
    'The ministry of public works and transport has set the price for motorcycle driving lessons at all private driving school and departments of public works in all province and municipalities to 57,000 riels (~$14.25) only'.
    The statistics:
    Currently, in Phnom Penh city, there are about ½ million motorcycles, but only about 10,000 motorcycle drivers have legal driver license.
  • Finally, the poor moto drivers ('yes?') get a political treat curiosity of SRP. Sam Rainsy's claims to fame?
    ' ..., if his party were to win the election, and if he were to become the prime minister, he will lower the price of gasoline to about 3,000 riels (~$0.75) per liter. He also recalled that when he was the economy and finance minister, he was able to prevent the rise of the price of the US dollar, and he was able to lower the price of gasoline to 600 riels per liter only'.
    Single handily preventing the rise of the US dollar? On the new traffic law:
    'After criticizing the driver license issue, Sam Rainsy said that in order to let the people know about the traffic law, there is no need for them to attend schools, educational paperwork could be distributed to people so they can learn about the traffic law on their own at home'.
    CPP criticism:
    'The distribution of noodle is an attempt to garner votes for the upcoming 2008 election'.
    The full article from is available at KI Media
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