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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Chasing Cars with little to mention, 30 April, 2008

Hi, well not much to mention on the traffic front.
  • Khmer 440 are rehashing a forum posting, but without the nuances from the forum itself. The road to Bokor is sometimes open sometimes not, just ask around in Kampot.
  • A bit of news on roads in the north east of Cambodia. The road to Lao from Kratie has opened officially, all that was needed was a date close to the national elections. It has apparently been
    'refurbished, brand new'.
    Elsewhere on the web a forum entry to Tales of Asia gives thumbs up to the road to Banlung, Rattanakiri:
    'This year, the road from Phnom Penh to Banlung is an easier and quicker drive, with only about a 2 hour stretch of dirt road from Kratie to choke through'.
  • A couple of accidents.
    'A 24-year-old woman was run over and killed by Sokimex gasometer truck after a three-wheel-motorbike, on which she took, had crashed with the truck. ... Police said that the traffic accident occurred every day because people violate the traffic laws and the roads are not big enough'.
    Everybody violates the traffic law and the roads are big enough, there's just too much traffic acting chaotically.
    Another accident:
    'An eyewitness said that the lorry and the motorcycle were in the same direction. Arriving at the scene, the victim overtook another motorbike, touching each other and sending him under the lorry'.
  • During the weekend a great storm to ease the heat; at least the first chance to see the new year's floods. Unfortunately with all Phnom Penh being 'refurbished', floods exist where they never used to (clogged drains, swamps being filled in). In this forum posting Chuangt2u provides his readers with a map of last years street floods.
  • On the 24th of April Cambodia Daily provided it's readers with a write up on a cow in the city. Though customary outside the city, Phnom Penh urbanites are quite unaccustomed to this. So were the police:
    'Two motorcycle-riding officers of the elite Flying Tigers police unit along with several motorcycle taxi drivers were seen chasing a cow south down Phnom Penh's Monivong Boulevard on Tuesday night. ... Owner El Ham [= US citizen?], 45, said his cow was recaptured near Wat Phnom at about midnight. "The cow was scared [it was on it's way to the butcher, course it's scared, da!] and ran," El Ham said, adding that he paid the Flying Tigers and moto-taxi drivers a total of $170 for their efforts'.
    Some expensive cow, some expensive police unit, probably that's why they are elite! What happened to providing a service to the public?
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