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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The future is here: De Castle

When Crossing Cambodia started this blog, there were some rumor that Crossing Cambodia must not have much to do, contrary to the truth! However, last night during a 3,5 hour power cut, there was a moment that Crossing Cambodia had really nothing to do. Sitting in a cold bath, reading yesterday's newspaper with aid of a small candle.

And during that moment of having nothing to do, Crossing Cambodia was staring at an advertisement for a new apartment complex, which is to be built just a block away. Somehow the developers decided on the name De Castle, for a 27 or more story apartment building. Opening today this, but they probably mean starting building today.

The advertisement is a full page artists impression of when the building will be finished. Besides the apartment complex towering over local buildings (the highest buildings currently near the complex are 4-5 stories high), the artist has managed to include the rest of Phnom Penh as a backdrop to the design. However the artist has been using his imagination creatively. In the distance one can see non-existent forest covered hills. To give it a more real touch there's also a picture of distance Sorya shopping complex, complete with it's distinctive dome tower. However as the dome is actually on the other side of the building, you would not actually be able to see it, from the artists perspective. So he/she has turned the building. Furthermore there are a lot more non-existent buildings and lots of green. Surprisingly quite a lot of green very near the apartment complex, though in reality there is none! And by the time the apartment complex is finished, a bigger tower (Gold Tower 42) will also have finished, just two blocks away, blocking the view as well as being much taller.

So what's all this to do with Crossing Cambodia blog? The blog is about traffic in Cambodia, no?

The most interesting aspect is the artists impression of Monivong Boulevard. Not only does it have broad sidewalks with a grass strip dividing the pavement from the buildings, there are even people walking on the street. The street itself resembles reality if you consider Khmer New Year's lack of traffic reality! But even more intriguing is the fact that cars drive on different sides or better said on the wrong side of the road. Does the artist know something that we do not know, i.e. that due to the increasing amount of cars with a left hand steering wheel the government is intending to change the side of the road on which you can ride?

Anyway if you for some odd reason would fall for the advertisement and buy an apartment, be warned!
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