Crossing Cambodia

Monday, September 11, 2006

Letter's to the editor: accidental payment

A slightly irritated Bob from Phnom Penh writes a letter in today's (September 11, 2006) Cambodian Daily on the report of last week's accident. He highlights that private arrangements between victims are commonplace and that if these private arrangements fulfill everyones satisfaction, the police do not continue to persue justice. In short he deplore's this. Why?
Such private arrangements are mostly to the benefit of the rich, as there are no traffic laws it's difficult to find out who was right, who was wrong. The police tend to favour the rich, just to be on the safe side. Another factor is the ability of the rich to drum up 'support' not only to counter any claim, but to counter claim; they cause the accident and get money from the victim. This is all condoned by the police who prefer peace to justice. The result is that such a peace is 'paid' by the less advantaged. Only in the accident reported last week , an accident whereby there was just 1 vehicle, are the rich(er) forced to pay out.
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