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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Safety during holidays

Traffic accidents kill 23, hurt 117 during festival

That's the title of a short article in today's (Thursday, September 28 2006) Cambodian Daily. This is the tally of 3 days. Last year's tally (in deaths) was just 8. A now cleary presumptious article in the same daily last week metioned that the death tally would be probably be lower and the police started slapping themselves on the back. Too soon.

Does the nearly, triple as high rate, then imply that the police are not doing their work? Or does it mean that in spite of the increased effort by traffic authorities the problems are simply too big/complex. Last week the police mentioned a crack down on overloaded vehicles. Today's article adds to this:

  • drivers had no mutual understanding

  • rich people driving luxury vehicles forced other cars off the road

  • drivers drove fast

  • no respect of traffic rules (which don't even exist).

What are the prospects for next year?
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