Crossing Cambodia

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Rule of Law and Authorities

As stressed one aspect of Cambodian traffic that never seems to bore anyone is the lawlessness. On one occasion (May day) did Crossing Cambodia draw to your attention that avoiding the creation of traffic jams is high on the agenda of the Phnom Penh govenor. Yesterday the same govenor (Kep Chuktema) impounded a small truck as it was preparing to be used as part of an anti-corruption drive. The authorities responded using the phrase (from today's Cambodian Daily Tuesday 5 September 2006):
'rejected CCHR's (organizer) request to stage the event on the grounds that it could create traffic jams'.

So on the one hand Cambodia has no traffic laws on the other hand there is enough common sense with the authorities to know what is right or wrong. So, why, Crossing Cambodia asks, is this common sense not the major motivation in sorting the traffic out so as to be less dangerous?
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