Crossing Cambodia

Friday, August 11, 2006


Has Crossing Cambodia been complaining too much about the men in blue esp. lacking initiative. Well, today the good news. According to a report from Cambodian Daily (here is a link to a summary of the article) police have intervened in a dispute between a monk and local dog meat restaurants which apparently double as karaoke bars and other more profitable business. The monk complained to the authorities in November (let's hope that was last year, the Daily does not specify which November) but police took action last Sunday.
And this morning I witnessed a police motorbike persuing and pulling over an unfortunate Tico driver. A short discussion between police and driver ensured and one of the men in blue made a short inspection tour of the car. And even more surprising, whatever offence was commited, the driver was let off and was allowed to continue! The police did all this effort and did not even get anything out of it!
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