Crossing Cambodia

Friday, August 25, 2006

Malaysia, truly Asia?

While in monsoonal sojourn in Malaysia's capital, Crossing Cambodia came across an advertisement in the New Strait Times. A full page ad with the caption:
"Crossing at the wrong place is suicide.
Use Proper Crossings.
You Can Make A Difference."

Is this really one of Cambodia's nearest neighbours? Is Malaysia really in Asia?

Yes, yes. The ad refers to a website panducermat which is run by the local Ministry of Transport apparently. We all know that governments tend to be a bit slow, so in the odd case where they do have a website it's mostly outdated and irrelevant. Not with this site.
They have an up to date hall of shame in which anyone can send in there snaps of 'road-bullies' and/or parking offenders or other offenders (red light dodgers). The website admin mention 'Rest assured that the authorities are looking into this and may act on cases reported'.
Discussions concern 'corruption and accidents', 'moth balls in diesel', '60% fatalaties are the govt doing enuf for bike safety? ('If memory serves me well, I think in Moral class, they teach you how to ride your bicycle. (Hooray, finally found a use for moral classes'))', 'rubbernecking ( After looking this thread up Crossing Cambodia still has no clue what is meant. 'to look about or survey with unsophisticated wonderment or curiosity.), 'Hand phone and smoking while driving', 'Malaysian police fines - can get discount ar?' (thread started by finethem!), 'big muffler', 'Yellow Box', 'Malaysian Road: A Lawless State?!?!', all highly readible. Now why haven't such initiatives every crossed the Gulf of Thailand? Where are the law abiding citizens of Cambodia?

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