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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

From the press: Truck Plows Into Crowd Eating Noodles, Killing 3

From today's (August 9, 2006) Cambodian Daily:
Three people, including a nine-year-old girl, were killed and 11 injured in Takeo province Monday morning when a truck plowed into a crowd of people eating noodles at the side of the road, police said Tuesday. The truck swerved off the road in an attempt to avoid a motorbike in Traing district, said district police chief Tieng Maly. Police have impounded the truck, he said, but the driver fled on foot and has not been apprehended. “We are keeping the truck in our station and will let the owner come and solve this problem with the victims’ families,” Tieng Maly said, adding that the injured were being treated at Takeo provincial hospital. (Thet Sambath)


  • The roads are dangerous places but as the sidewalks are packed with businesses, they also are dangerous places.

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