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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Meanwhile what are Cambodia's neighbours doing? Law enforcement and traffic safety have high priority in Lao PDR:

Road accidents still get lot of concerns in Vientiane

Laos News Agency (KPL)

Although there was no death in riding accidents in Vientiane Capital since 31 July to 6 of this month, a lot of vehicle users paid less attention to strict implementing of traffic rules, and thus caused the 42 accidents cost 56,4 million kip, according to report of Vientiane Traffic Control Station.

Accidents occurred in last week caused 77 vehicles damaged, and 90 people injured.

The First Lieutenant Kingkham Phommahasay said that the accidents had been mostly caused by drink driving, and traffic rule violence. In the time of one week there were 29 vehicle users had involved in accidents due to drink driving and 54 people including 18 women due to traffic rule violence, as 52 people had been found that they brought no driving license while using their vehicles. The accidents had also been caused by over--speed- limit driving.

District of Sykhottabong had a large number of accidents, having 15 accidents, followed by Sysattanak 11 accidents, Chanthaboury 9 accidents, Saysetha 5 accidents, and Saythany 2 accidents. While the remain had been found that there were very small number of accidents.

Official said that the victims including 45 workers, 28 students and 16 public servants.

First Lieutenant added that the project of reduction road accidents, which has been implemented since 26 June and will be ended on 26th of upcoming September, is very successfully carried out. Doing project’s activities has reduce a number of accidents.

“The project is now being implemented actively in order to reduce a number of accidents as much as it can ”. Said the Leuftenant.

He also required the vehicle users to pay more attention to careful driving in line with the traffic rule-, and driving when having a good heath in both mind and body. In addition, the parents should warn their children to do such good behaviors.

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