Crossing Cambodia

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Advisory sites: Virtual Tourist

Together with Trip Advisor, Virtual Tourist is at the pinnacle of sites that provide tourists with advice, both work with tourists doing the reports themselves. So little unbiased general information.
Despite the acclaimed 5 million monthly web-site visitors, there is little relevant information on traffic in Cambodia. There are currently 24 pages of transportation tips, however mostly are outdated (2003), complaining about the general transportation situation (hardly any paved roads then, at least the Siem Reap - Phnom Penh was non-existent).
Additionally, they have 13 pages of warnings and danger 'tips', mostly refer to the crooked steps going up the Angkor Wat monuments! One contributer however does describes this:
'Traffic signs are for ornamentation only. Because of the chaotic nature of the main towns eg. Phnom Penh, the traffic can be quite bad and unfortunately I saw several motorcycle accidents including one fatal. The where not pretty. Most people don't wear helmets making them very vulnerable'.

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