Crossing Cambodia

Sunday, March 04, 2007

I spy ...

On Crossing Cambodia's way through the city yesterday morning, on the cross road between Sihanouk Boulevard/ Nehru street (215) and Monireth Boulevard, the following curious incident occurred:
A police officer on motorbike comes along Nehru street wanting to go eastward on the Sihanouk Boulevard. The stoplight is red. Next to the light there's a countdown indicator showing how many seconds it takes before green will come up: not bad, it helps the drivers relax. Apparently it was going to take too long for this gentleman, he took a quasi free right turn, sped up to the end of the lane barrier, made an u-turn, drove back to the light and took another semi-legal right turn and continued on in the direction he wanted to.
Leading by example? Probably not, but these traffic light dodgers are common in situations where the traffic is not heavy; why wait if with a little dodging you can continue your way without hardly any delay?

The culprit (without helmet)
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