Crossing Cambodia

Monday, March 26, 2007

Motorbike robbers II

A follow up on the story of just a month ago. Crime takes place in Phnom Penh (surprise!). Violent crime takes place. Sometimes the crime is hideous. As said we reported on a spate of motorcycle robbers who execute their victim and then take off on their motorbike.
This fortnights' Phnom Penh Post's Police Blotter lists another number of the same crime from March 9 -15. Three incidents:

... died ... after two gunmen wounded him. ... shot him once in the rightear ..., then stole his motorbike.

... after two robbers wounded him .... Witnesses told [he] was shot in the chest, then stole his [motor]bike.

A motorbike taxi driver ... was knifed and later died. ... Witnesses told police ... one of them stabbed him in the neck then they escaped on his [motor]bike.
Oddly enough, never are cars stolen ....
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