Crossing Cambodia

Friday, February 16, 2007

Motorbike robbers

The spate of motorbike robberies previously reported on this site from articles from the Phnom Penh Post continues, if we are to believe today’s (16 February, 2006) Cambodia Daily.

'4 Attempted Motorbike Robberies leave 2 dead'

One of the cases:

'A man was shot dead Tuesday afternoon in Chamkar Mon district by robbers who had to flee empty-handed after failing to start the victim’s motorbike.'

What a waste! The same Cambodia Daily reports on an annual crime report presented by Phnom Penh Municipality. They claim serious crime dropped last year by 28%:

'The bulk of the reduction was in robberies, which went down 51%...! Murder (excluding killings [can someone explain the difference?] however rose… . Demonstrations and strikes … [is this counted as serious crimes?] went down 61 percent ....'

Understandably there is some skepticism. But when presenting traffic accident statistics there is little skepticism in general. Can somebody explain why not?

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