Crossing Cambodia

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Police Crash Course

According to today's (Febraury 28, 2007) Cambodia Daily, police are getting into the learning-by-doing act. At least that's what you would think.

Apparently, a police officer feel asleep behind the wheel on Sunday lunchtime and managed to crash into a chain-linked fence around the US embassy. Besides overturning his own vehicle, he also managed to hit an ambulance. The dented ambulance belonged to Phnom Penh's biggest hospital and it's director mentioned he was informed that the driver
'was under the influence of alcohol'.
Minor Crime Bureau had no idea whether the driver
'was inebriated or on duty'.
Pen Khun, deputy police chief of Phnom Penh's traffic bureau explained that the driver was
'not driving carefully. If he was someone else he would be under suspicion and would have been arrested.'
So who would he have to have been to be arrested? Crossing Cambodia supposes it not be a member of the ruling party / police force / army. No measures to be taken? Well, besides being an example to soceity (good or bad?), drinking before lunch (is that not sufficient crime in itself?), driving under influence, falling into sleep behind the wheel and crashing into an ambulance, nothing much happened...

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