Crossing Cambodia

Monday, February 26, 2007

Creativity II

Accidents happen. Even in Cambodia. Even in the coastal town of Sihanoukville. Bad accidents happen. People die if the accidents are really bad. Sometimes it involves foreigners. Sometimes they are driving a motorcycle. So what can we as authorities do?

Ban foreigners from driving motorcycles. The grand solution.

According to today's (February 25, 2007) Cambodia Daily Sihanoukville's Mittapheap district authorities banned foreigners from renting motorcycles two weeks ago. It is also discussed in this Khmer 440 chat forum thread (though the discussion moves towards the topic of what is a big bike and how to perform a wheelie).

How has it being enforced?
Well, the article mentions that early Saturday morning a Swiss gentlemen die after he hit Sihanoukville's new curbs. The article does not mention whether the motorcycle was rented or not. So clearly there are some flaws in enforcing this directive(?). And being in Sihanoukville just yesterday there was a motorcycle renting business just outside the hotel, catering to mostly foreigners (they entusiastically advertised thay had helmuts as well), so ignorance is king, as usual?

Now here's an idea: why not ban all vehicles from all Cambodian roads. This certainly would assist traffic safety ....

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