Crossing Cambodia

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Next up

A 'Letter to the Editor' in today's (14 February 2006) Cambodia Daily concerns the fall-out of the ban on advertising on tuk-tuks. She looks forward to:
'...when the authorities might turn their attention to some of the lethal driving habits that are commonplace in the city and the countryside.

These include taxis with a passenger wedged in the driver's seat, cars with curtains on the front door windows and drivers with babies or children in their laps. Any of these practices would land one in court if not jail in many countries.
.... And the roads, which seem to get more packed and dangerous by the day, might just become a little bit safer.'
Today was exceptionally busy in Phnom Penh. It was impossible to park at Central Market / Soriya Department Store. Is it the upcoming Chinese New Year? Valentines Day ? Both or has the city just filled up to saturation point?
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