Crossing Cambodia

Monday, February 26, 2007

Welcome to Dodge City

Touchstone magazine is a new Cambodian magazine dedicated to Heritage Friendly Tourism. To find out what that is go to the Heritage Watch site.
In the current issue an article on Dodge City, which apparently refers to Phnom Penh. A short abstract:
'Mopeds buzz like hornets around the impatient drivers of cars, horns blasts and the world's best examples of clutch control are demonstrated. Heavily laden lorries take illegal short-cuts through the city and are stopped by police at every corner. Cyclos squeeze into impossible spaces between cars and bicycles weave in and out of the melee. Chickens, dogs, cats and kids help to make traffic all the more chaotic, along with the odd cow cart plodding along the road. Few people wear helmets and the number of passengers on a motorcycle seems limitless'.
The article then describes the 10 steps required to cross the road. Step four goes like this:
'Look to the left, look to the right, then repeat and repeat again!'

Step six (after stepping onto the road) advises to:
'look straight ahead to your destination'.
Elsewhere in the magazine there is an overview of 'Transportation in Cambodia': the Moto taxi (Motor-bike taxis), bicycle, cyclo, Tuk Tuk (also referred to as Tuk tuk), remorque and Horse cart.

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