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Monday, February 26, 2007

Cambodia Busomania

Does public transport have the future in Phnom Penh? Can local authorities do anything creatively to assist a bus plan to be put in place? Interesting reading from Stan on Khmer 440. The article dissected:
'The sign at the head of this article is what’s left over of an experimental bus system, financed by Japan, that operated for about 6 months back in 2001. As I understand it, people did use the system but it shut down because the government was unwilling to continue necessary subsidies'.
No pain, no gain?
'Once you’ve got steady customers, two other dynamics enter the equation; the government and competition. As to the former, I’m not aware of any type of regulation of motodops or tuk-tuks, so aside from a basic business license, the municipality should have no impact on the operation'.
Wishful thinking?
'It wouldn’t be a traffic panacea'. ... most important aspects is the social benefit of providing low cost movement'.
And his closing remarks:
'To sum up: Phnom Penh needs public transit. Who will step up to show the way? Forget about the government: They have their Lexus’s, what do they care about buses for the masses?'

But can we forget about the government?

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