Crossing Cambodia

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Mad, crazy is the official translation of 'Wahnsinn'. For our German readers an article on taking a bus in Vietnam from Der Spiegel.
Why the 'crazyness'? Lot's of the same cliches are presented: there are lot's of motorcycles, the bigger vehicle has precedent over all smaller vehicles, fast vs. slow and then the bus is king! Why, because bus drivers are mad! And besides the main bus instruments (steering wheel, brake, accelerator, gears) the only instrument is the horn which takes over the functions of all other 'minor' instruments, sometimes even the brakes!
Anyway a lot of the well-known issues when taking a bus in Asia (?). The site is complemeted by a download of Hanoi street sounds! An adventure (for the tourist) not to be missed.

On the subject, when Crossing Cambodia was in Vietnam a couple years ago, during Khmer / Lao / Thai new year, the Thai in the bus were astounded about the 'honking' skills of our bus driver: using both hands alternatively, sometimes at the same time! Not all Asian countries are same-same.
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