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Friday, February 09, 2007

Customer is king

Not so on the ubiquitous Phnom Penh moto's. Phnom Penh's Post Police Blotter (February 9-22, 2007) mentions two cases whereby moto passengers have 'posed' as passengers and requested the driver to drive to somewhere quiet and then rob the driver. In one case they killed the driver, in the second case they were arrested after beating the driver.
The same blotter mentions two more cases of motorcycles being stolen, though the blotter refers to
'then stole his mobile phone and escaped on his bike.'
'then stole $500 before escaping on his bike.'
Both point to the motorcycles being stolen as a lesser crime.

While on the subject, in Sihanoukville according to todays (9 February 2007) Cambodia Daily, motorcycle robbers are still in training:
'Suspect ... carved a 2 cm deep and 4 cm long gash in his [victims] neck.'

But the victim retaliated and had his attacker at mercy:
'begged the [victim] not to call the police, saying it was the first time he had attacked anyone and that he was trying to raise money to wed his girlfriend.'
He was however luckily arrested. No news about the girlfriend.

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