Crossing Cambodia

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Creativity II and more

In the the previous article on 'Creativity II', Crossing Cambodia reported on the ongoings in coastal Sihanoukville. In an apparent effort to avoid publicizing poor policing priorities, foreign tourists are targeted. By using a municipal decree on motorcycle driving it is hoped that foreign tourists will be virtually made impossible to drive by themselves, thereby avoiding incidents of foreigners have bad accidents. During a relaxation in enforcing the decree a tourist died and since this weekend the enforcement is being pursued again. From the Khmer 440 forum site this posting:
'...On the way back my friend who has a new moto and papers (whilst awaiting his rego [=registration] plates) is pulled over. His bike is confiscated as he did not have a Cambo [=Cambodian] licence and he needs to go and get it back in 3 days time (and of course pay) . He said over 60 bikes were loaded onto a truck and taken away whilst he was there.
Apparently all Barangs [=foreigners in Cambodia] without a Cambo licence had their bikes (mostly rental) confiscated ...'
The forum contributer then questions why would foreigners need a license while nearly all Cambodians drive their motorcycles without any license? Unfortunately the question is not answered.

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