Crossing Cambodia

Friday, May 11, 2007

Cambodia's Black Spot: in front of the Ministry of Inferior!

Thanks to Details are Sketchy for reminding this gem of a site: Daily updates on accidents and robberies! On Monday May 7 this:
Two Die at Black Spot near Ministry of Inferior
Phnom Penh: Two motor ran into each other and continued to crash a car parked along Norodom Blv, Tongle Basak commune, Phnom Penh’ Chamkamon district at 6: 10 pm on 5 of May 2007, two people died instantly at the scene and two other got serious injure.

The victims were unknown. After the accident, police went to the scene and took the two bodies to Wat Prah Put’s crematory.

According to the source from the scene the four victims drove Sonic black motor fro south to north and when arrived in front of the ministry of Inferior, they added speed in order to over take a car but they strongly crashed another car drove in different direction. The car went away and no one recognized it.

The scene is noticed that it is the black spot.
Well, Crossing Cambodia is clueless as to what happened, but the main point is that 'the black spot' has been noticed and that it is in front of the Ministry of Inferior! Now let's hope they can change the status of the Ministry (to Superior perhaps) and clean the black spot.
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