Crossing Cambodia

Monday, May 28, 2007

Politicians have the solution...

Increasingly, Crossing Cambodia is coming to rely on English translations posted on KI Media of Khmer articles posted on This time, the Phnom Penh city governor has advised the traffic police to stop pesting traffic participants. For those of you who have followed this blog over the past year, you may be amazed, as Crossing Cambodia has observed extremely relaxed traffic police combined with regular decrees from city hall, requesting the police to pull over everybody ignoring their most recent decree; even if they are irrelevant or out of touch with reality.
Now, if the governor could just advice the traffic police to pursue those not adhering to current rules ...
'the governor discussed about the traffic police, saying that they should stop creating dissatisfactions among the people stemming from the arrest of motorbikes along the city roads'.
According to the article he finished he speech with these final words:
'He [the governor] said that “we are the ruling party, we must think about the defense of safety and security, we must prevent thefts and robberies, and protect well public order at the local level.”'
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