Crossing Cambodia

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Off track

As if the national railways haven't enough to contend with, now their employees have started dismantling the railways in earnest. That's if we are to believe yesterday's (May 7, 2007) Cambodia Daily and why wouldn't we?
'Takeo Provincial Court charged 28 men with stealing parts of the Phnompenh to Sihanoukville railway line to sell for scrap metal.
Three of the arrested men [seven were arrested, the others remain 'at large'] were Cambodian Royal Railways Staff.
that the men are suspected of prizing up metal railroad ties from between the rails to sell to scrap merchants. Officials have repaired the line, and the thefts pose no threats to trains,
said the Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville route is still being used to transport gasoline'.
Well, that's good news then. Theft happens, law is enforced, actively even. Officials ascertain that safety is adhered to and all those who might suggest otherwise now know, the line is even being used!
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