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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Crazy Falangs

Naturally the number one past time of most expats in Cambodia or for anyplace in the world is slagging off the locals. Incompetent usually, or downright lacking in the upper chamber.
That said, the locals also shake their heads when encountering a foreigner from nearby. Take for instance the traffic: a foreigner seldomly cuts a corner and prefers to walk despite the sidewalks put there for use as an extended shop/restaurant/parking space or impromptu marketplace. Or all in the same go. Well, there you have it, even Crossing Cambodia is guilty of using persuasive arguments to frame the locals into the not 100% box!

Anyway, the true crazy are the Falang as you can clearly deduce from this news item delved up from Possibly filing this under the 'Security' section is not totally correct.
French Man Set his Car in Fire in Sihanoukville
Monday, May 14, 2007 - by seangly
Sihanoukville: Furious with his car that always broke down, a French man burnt it down in the daytime in Sihanoukville.The surprising event occurred at 3:00 pm on 13 of May 2007 at Phoum III village, Lek III commune, Sihanoukville’s Mitha Pheap district.
57-year-old French man Brandily Claude set his car which he has bought from Phnom Penh in the price of 4.500 $ ablaze because it always broke down, making him very angry everyday, said police.
Police and representative of French embassy official educated him stopping doing such an action.
So are the French desperatly in need of education French/Khmer style? Will it help?
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