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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Letter to the Editor: Phnom Penh Needs Through Traffic Planning

Yesterday's ( May 1, 2007) Cambodia Daily:
Phnom Penh Needs Through Traffic Planning

I just returned from a short trip to Ho Chi Minh City where I was struck by how few cars there were on the road considering the large population. This is in stark contrast to Phnom Penh, where there are fewer people but many cars, particularly four wheel drives.

In Ho Chi Minh City most people drive motorcycles and the traffic flow is not too bad. Phnom Penh, however is starting to feel like just another cluttered Asian city, at risk of losing its unique charm and character.

The increasing number of cars should ring alarm bells for city planners. Policies need to be developed to limit this problem before we face continual gridlock. Certain areas could be made car free, while there could be taxes charged on vehicles entering other areas.

Richard Llloyd, Phnom Penh
So, in comparison to Saigon, 'we' are worse off. Many would disagree.

Yes, why the high level of four wheel drives? If 'we' start charging taxes for entering certain areas, don't we just become another 'Asian' city?

And why are Asian cities cast as cluttered? Surely, Paris, Rome, Athens, London, New York, Mexico city, Lagos, Cairo are also cluttered, but not Asian (yet).

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