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Saturday, May 05, 2007

In the past Crossing Cambodia has repeatedly referred to Phnom Penh's Post Blotter, which gives an overview of police mentioned cases featured in Khmer language newspapers and translated to English.
One aspect of these cases are the senseless killing, so the culprit(s) can steal a motorcycle. The latest issue ( May 4-17, 2007) is no different.
On April 20:
'... was murdered while driving his motorbike. Police suspected robbery was the motivation because his [motor]bike had been stolen'.
April 21:
'.... Eyewitnesses said three robbers on a motorbike stopped Phy and shot him once in the neck with a homemade handgun, then stole his motorbike as he was driving home from work.'
He was not killed however, just wounded.
On April 23:
'Three gunmen escaped empty-handed on their motorbike after attempting to rob An Sotheara. ....'
How come empty-handed?
'...the robbers blocked Sotheara's path and knocked him in the mouth with the butt of a K-59 handgun, then shot him in the left eye as he shouted 'stop thief'. So Theara was sent to a clininc for medical treatment'.
Did he survive, the police blotter does not mention.
Furthermore not a robbery but some good work by the police, well let's call it apparent good work:
'Four suspected robbers were shot dead after preparing to commit a robbery. Police said the four exchanged gunfire and tried to escape on a motorbike after they were ordered to stop for inspection. Police confiscated ... and a plastic bag of poisonous hotdogs'.
What were they for and how did the police find out the hotdogs were poisinous...?
More good work by the police on April 24:
'... a policeman, was shot and wounded as he tried to stop a gunmen who had committed a robbery ... the gunmen shot Thong in the chest when Thong tried to stop the robbers from escaping on a stolen motorbike, which belonged to Thach Navy. Thong is now at Russian hospital'.
April 27:
'Ngin Pisth was robbed of his motorbike while driving his girlfriend on Monivong Bouleveard. Piseth told police two robbers aimed a handgun at him and knocked him on the head with the butt of the gun then escaped on his bike'.
This happened 10.30 in the evening on one of Phnom Penh's busiest streets!
And finally on April 30:
'The body of ... was found... An (the victim's husband) said his wife's jewelery, motorbike and $10,000 in cash were stolen'.
Even without the usual traffic safety issues, participating in traffic can be deadly!

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